Online Responsible Vendor Training for Cannabis Workers


100% online Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training is the easiest way for budtenders and other cannabis industry professionals to complete state-accepted training required for employees who handle, sell and transport cannabis.

Our cannabis courses allow you to train at your own pace while learning about laws and industry standards for safe cannabis sales.

Throughout the course, you'll learn about laws and regulations, health and safety standards in the cannabis industry, preventing illegal sales and key requirements for packaging, labeling, recordkeeping and transportation. After you complete your training, you can instantly download your Certificate of Completion.

Who Needs Budtender Training?

Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training is a certificate program designed for budtenders and other cannabis industry professionals who handle, sell or transport cannabis products. Specific training requirements will vary from state to state, and employers often set their own requirements.

In many locations across the United States, employees in the cannabis industry are required to complete state-accepted training before or soon after starting work. An increasing number of dispensaries and other cannabis businesses are requiring employees to have a cannabis training certificate.

What Topics Are Covered in Cannabis Training?

Our online courses ensure cannabis industry employees are trained in key topics ranging from basic cannabis knowledge to important laws and regulations for safe and responsible cannabis sales.

Course topics include:

  • Cannabis legalization in the United States
  • Effects of cannabis on the body
  • Safety concerns related to cannabis use
  • Responsible retail sales
  • Health and safety standards in the cannabis industry
  • Cannabis packaging and labeling requirements
  • Cannabis supply chain and recordkeeping
  • Cannabis product transport

Our state-specific courses also cover each state's cannabis laws and any other mandatory topics the state requires cannabis employees to be trained on.

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Cannabis Training FAQs

What is a budtender?

A budtender is a sales associate at a legal cannabis dispensary who assists customers with purchasing cannabis products. Like bartenders, budtenders serve an important customer service role in addition to facilitating sales.

Exceptional budtenders have a deep understanding of cannabis products and how each product affects the body. They educate customers about the dispensary's products, explain the effects of different types of cannabis and help customers find the right product to meet their needs and preferences.

Qualified budtenders also understand the legality of cannabis and are familiar with state laws and industry regulations that help ensure cannabis is sold safely and legally. They are trained to prevent illegal sales and follow industry requirements for health and safety.

Can I earn my cannabis certificate online?

Yes, our Cannabis Responsible Vendor Training courses provide a 100% online instructional experience for cannabis industry employees seeking to become a qualified cannabis vendor. After completing your budtender training and passing the final exam, you can instantly download your certificate.

When will I receive my cannabis training certificate?

After you complete your training and successfully pass the final exam, you can instantly download your certificate. You can provide the certificate to your employer to prove that you completed your training and understand the basics of safe and responsible cannabis sales.

How long will my cannabis certificate be valid?

The length of time your cannabis training certificate remains valid will vary depending on the course you take and state-specific cannabis regulations. Budtender training is typically good for one to three years. When your certificate is about to expire, your state or employer may require you to complete additional cannabis training to ensure that you maintain a valid certificate.