Food Manager Course and Exam

Save time and money by combining your Texas DSHS-accredited Certified Food Manager Training Program with the official online certification exam. This 100% online bundle includes state-approved training and the food manager certification state exam.


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TABC Certification and Texas Food Handler Course

Enhance your food and beverage expertise with the TABC Certification and Texas Food Handler bundle. Start with the TABC Certification course, then enroll in the Texas Food Handler course. This course package makes it easy to satisfy your training requirements fast.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of food and alcohol course bundles?

Our course bundles offer you the convenience and advantage of combined training in food safety and responsible alcohol sales. From mastering food safety principles to becoming a certified expert in food management or alcohol service, our bundled training programs offer you the convenience, flexibility and knowledge you need to thrive in your career. Explore the combination of courses that best suits your needs and sets you on the path to success.

What is Texas Food Handler training?

The Texas Food Handler course teaches employees in the food service industry about proper food handling techniques, hygiene, safety practices and more.

Who needs to take the Texas Food Handler course?

Anyone involved in the preparation, handling or serving of food in a Texas food establishment is required to take the Texas Food Handler course. This includes employees of restaurants, food trucks, cafeterias and more.

How long is the Texas Food Handler certificate valid?

The Texas Food Handler certificate is valid for two years from the completion date.

What is Texas Food Manager training?

The Texas Food Manager course trains individuals who are responsible for managing and supervising food establishments. It covers advanced food safety practices, regulations and management strategies.

Who should take the Texas Food Manager course?

Individuals who oversee food operations, manage staff and ensure food safety in Texas food establishments can benefit from Texas Food Manager Certification. In counties with a population of 4 million or more, state law requires food establishments to have at least one certified food manager on staff. Additionally, employers may require food managers to earn this certification.

What is TABC certification?

TABC certification, issued by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission, is a program that educates individuals about responsible alcohol service, including laws, regulations and techniques to prevent over-service and underage drinking.

Who needs TABC certification?

Employees who serve or sell alcoholic beverages in Texas, including those who work in bars, restaurants and stores, are often required to obtain a TABC certification. Many employers throughout the state require alcohol servers to complete TABC-approved training before starting work.

How long is TABC Certification valid?

TABC Certification is valid for two years from the date of completion. You need to renew your certification before it expires to satisfy employer training requirements for alcohol-service roles.

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