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Many Texas employers require bartenders, servers, cashiers and other employees who sell or serve alcohol to obtain a certification through the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission (TABC).

By earning your TABC certification, you increase your chances of finding suitable employment in the food and beverage industry. More importantly, you protect yourself and your employer from liability related to negligent alcohol sales. This two-hour online course provides you with the knowledge you need to sell alcohol safely and responsibly in Texas.

Once you complete the course, your TABC certificate will be available to print and provide to your employer. We will also report your course completion to TABC within 14 business days. For additional education on essential bartending skills and popular craft cocktail recipes, try our online Mixology course!

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Who Needs a Texas TABC Certification?

Anyone who sells or serves alcoholic beverages to the public benefits from TABC certification training. Many employers in Texas require their employees to complete TABC training so that they understand how to sell and serve alcohol responsibly.

Some food and beverage workers who may benefit from our training include:

  • Restaurant employees: Waiters, servers, hosts who sell alcohol, cocktail servers, sommeliers and bartenders
  • Hospitality workers: Catering staff, front desk staff who sell bottled beverages and event organizers
  • Bar employees: Bouncers, bartenders and cocktail servers
  • Other employees: Cashiers who sell alcohol and other employees who sell alcohol to be consumed on or off site.

TABC certification provides a number of benefits to employees who sell or serve alcohol. If you work in the food service industry, this certification proves you understand state alcohol laws and the importance of responsible alcohol service. TABC training helps you do your part in protecting yourself, your co-workers, your employer and the public from the consequences of irresponsible alcohol service.

Testing Requirements

The TABC certification course includes four learning modules, and each module ends with a brief quiz of the topics covered. To finish each module, you must pass a five-question quiz with a score of 70% or higher. You can continue taking each quiz until you pass.

After you complete all modules and quizzes, you will take a 25-question final exam with a 180-minute time limit. You have up to two attempts to earn a passing score of 70% or higher. If you do not achieve a passing score after two tries, you will be required to re-register for the course.

After you successfully pass the final exam, you can instantly download your TABC certification. Your certification will remain valid for two years.

Course Details

For food and beverage workers, selling alcohol responsibly is key requirement of the job. Understanding state alcohol laws and safe serving practices protects you, your co-workers, your employer and patrons from serious consequences.

This online TABC training course teaches servers, bartenders cashiers and other food and beverage workers how to handle alcohol responsibly during the course of their jobs.

You'll learn about your legal responsibilities as an alcohol seller or server. The course also covers everything you need to know to protect yourself and your employer from the legal consequences of illegal sales to intoxicated and underage patrons.

In our course, you'll learn:

  • Texas alcohol regulations
  • Underage drinking laws
  • Laws concerning impaired driving
  • How to identify minors by behaviors and appearance
  • How and when to check for a valid ID
  • Short- and long-term effects of alcohol use on the body
  • How to estimate a patron's blood alcohol concentration (BAC)
  • How to refuse alcohol service

Although Texas doesn't legally require alcohol sellers and servers to carry TABC certification, many businesses require it for employment. If you don't know whether you need a TABC certificate for your job or a potential employer, you can always ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this TABC certification course approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission?

Yes. We are included on TABC's list of approved online training providers as American Safety Council, who owns and operates Seller Server Online.

How long is my TABC certification valid?

Your TABC certification is valid for two years from the issue date. You will need to retake the training course to renew your certification.

Does the TABC course require me to provide a Social Security number?

Yes, the state of Texas requires all students to provide a Social Security number before starting the course. This is required for reporting purposes, and there are no exceptions. If you purchased the course but do not have a Social Security number, you can contact customer support for a refund.

Does Texas law require food and beverage workers to get TABC certification?

No. However, many businesses list it as an employment requirement because TABC-certified employees protect them from liability. Texas passed what is known as a safe harbor law, which limits an employer's liability if a TABC-certified employee serves or sells alcohol to a minor or an intoxicated person.

Additionally, TABC certification gives you the knowledge and skills you need to work in Texas's lucrative food and beverage market. According to the Texas Restaurant Association, foodservice and restaurant jobs make up 10% of all jobs in the state. In addition, Texas's restaurant industry was estimated to generate more than $70 billion in sales in 2019.

By earning your TABC certification, you qualify yourself as a responsible alcohol server in one of the largest and most lucrative industries in the country.

How long is the TABC training course?

Our self-paced course can be completed in approximately two hours. The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission requires TABC certification training to include 120 minutes of training material.

Do I have to complete my training in one sitting?

No. Our course is asynchronous and fully online. It's self-paced and available to you 24/7. You can access the course anytime that fits for your schedule.

Our course design allows you to log in and out at your convenience. Additionally, our online software keeps track of your progress so you don't have to. Just log back in whenever you're ready and pick up exactly where you left off.

What is the difference between a TABC certification and a TABC license?

Licenses are issued to businesses. Certifications are issued to employees who sell or serve alcohol.

Can a felon earn a TABC certification?

The state of Texas has no restrictions against felons earning a TABC certification. That said, employment is at-will in the state of Texas. Getting your certification isn't a guarantee of employment.

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